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The Rootstock Pages!
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Apple Rootstocks                Pear Rootstocks        Stone Fruit Rootstocks

Rootstocks are the other half of the equation successful fruit growing.  Moser Fruit Tree Sales handles all the regular, standard, semi-dwarf and dwarf rootstocks, including EMLA, Geneva, Gisela, MxM, and other new rootstocks.  Click on a link above for more complete descriptions of available and recommended rootstocks for apples, pears, and stone fruits.

THINKING OF GRAFTING YOUR OWN?  Sometimes it is impossible to find the right variety and rootstock combination for your circumstances.  It may be necessary to propagate your own fruit tree stock.  This is often the case with new rootstocks, onto which the commercial nurseries tend to limit their budding to the most popular varieties.  Other times,  it may be just the challenge of it and the desire to do your own. 
Before you decide to graft your own, check with us about our custom budding services.   We may be able to provide the quantities and quality you desire, without the hassle!
If you need rootstock, we can supply you with rootstock in the spring season.  Contact us with your needs.


Range in typical rootstock vigor.

100%                           80%                 70%                  60%               50%          40%     30%
    Standard or Seedling   <<<<<<Semi-Standard>>>>>>>>>><<<<Semi-Dwarf range>>>>>Full dwarf  


Each rootstock page will have a comparison of relative dwarfing characteristics as well as other useful and important information.

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