Make one call for all your fruit trees ..... from heirlooms to the hottest new varieties.

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Commercial fruit trees are our specialty! 
Make one call for all your fruit tree needs---
  from heirlooms to the hottest new varieties!

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     Moser Fruit Tree Sales specializes in commercial and wholesale bare root fruit trees and rootstock for commercial fruit growers, retail garden centers and nurseries and conservation districts.   The Moser Family has dealt in only the highest quality bareroot fruittrees and fruit root stocks for over 50 years..  Matt Moser and his team work with only the best fruit tree nurseries in the nation.  Look to us for bare root apple, pear, peach, nectarine, plum, prune, sweet or tart cherry, and apricot trees.  We can supply you with the new and hot varieties like Honeycrisp, Zestar!®, SnowSweet®, WineCrisp, Flamin'Fury® (aka Flaming Fury) and Stellar peaches, Bubblegum plum®, and cherries on Gisela® root, as well standard, antique and heirloom varieties as conventionally grown or as FastFruitTrees (aka Fast Fruit Trees).

     Whether you are large or small, well established or just beginning, we strive to meet YOUR particular needs and requirements at the lowest final cost possible.  We offer common sense solutions,  practical advice, and personal service..  We customize our service to meets your needs and will go the extra mile to help make you successful and profitable. We handle large contracts to small replacements orders, as well as custom budding and new variety testing.  We advise new fruit growers and help them set up their first orchards.  If you are new to fruit growing, we recommend you go to our informative website called The New Fruit Grower where you will find lots of information to help you get started.

If you are looking to save or increase that old family heirloom tree, a newly discovered sport or variety, or a favorite old variety you can't seem to find anywhere, then our exclusive FastFruitTree!™ technology may be your answer.  Our exclusive technology produces a greenhouse grown and budded tree that can be either planted straight from the pot to the orchard, or transplanted to our nursery field for further growth.

The Moser's work hard to "keep up" so that we may continue to provide the services and products you seek.  We will seek out and provide "cutting edge" varieties, while maintaining a conservative and practical outlook...  just because it's new, doesn't mean it's better!   Our goal is to become your friend and long term supplier.

  The Moser Fruit Tree Sales Mission

    Only the highest quality bareroot fruit trees at the lowest final cost possible!
    Common sense solutions and practical advice for over 50 years!
One of the largest variety and rootstock selection offerings anywhere.
Personal services no matter the size of your commercial orchard!
    Committed to your long-term success and profitability!
    Custom services for budding and new variety evaluation!

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